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The Osprey nest just outside the Belwood Lake Conservation Area park entrance always attracts a lot of attention.

The Belwood Conservation Lake is nestled between the towns of Fergus and Belwood in Southern Ontario and is surrounded by land owned by the Grand River Conservation Authority.  The lake was formed by the construction of the Shand Dam. Construction of that dam began in 1939, and completed in 1942.  The Belwood Lake reservoir was built to regulate water flow and prevent flooding downstream, as well as to hold water during drought for the downstream communities.


Belwood lake is home to about 335 cottages and range from small weekend chalets to all season homes.  Styles range from traditional rustic to ultra modern.  With its close proximity to Guelph, Kitchener Waterloo, Hamilton, Burlington, Mississauga, and Brampton, Belwood lake really is one of Ontario’s best kept secrets. 


The Belwood Lake Cottager’s Association (B.L.C.A.) was incorporated in 1984, and is made up of volunteers who devote time and effort to making the cottage experience better for all cottagers. The association confers with the GRCA for cottage lease issues, as well as sending out newsletters to cottagers to update them on Belwood Lake, cottage and related issues.


Lessons Learned after the 74 Flood

2010_janfeb_grandactions_74 flood.pdf
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GRCA Youtube Page – One Day in May

Link to a You Tube presentation of the floods of 1974 and the relationship of Shand Dam and the Grand River.


Link to GRCA Cottage Lot Program Questions and Answers

Safe Boating Guideline and Regulations

Fines for boating infractions.
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Please refer to this LINK for more details on boating safety.



And this LINK about NEW boat licence regulations and laws. 

Green Algae Bloom

Description and information on green algae bloom can be found here


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BLCA Attention Sign


-print out and place on windows and doors after closing up for the season

Lot Site Development Policy Released

May 29, 2009:  The NEW Cottage Lot Site Development Policy has been issued by the GRCA, and passed at their recent board meeting.  Please follow this link to the GRCA site to read the PDF. 



Break and Enter Deterrent Guide

Feb 10, 2010:  The OPP has released a break and enter deterrent guide sheet.  The sheet has been posted here.

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